Monday, March 24, 2014

How to Replace iPad SIM Card

Apple designs products that are pleasant to the eye. The original goal for Steve Jobs and Apple was that the products would be intuitively easy to figure out and that they would be pleasing to the eye. Jobs and his crew of designers accomplished the goal. The designs that come from Apple set trends for the future, and they set the stage by creating what they called a “closed system.”

The iPad SIM Card

A SIM card is the small, thumbnail-sized plastic card used by GSM phones in connecting to the network of a phone carrier. The SIM card helps in storing information identifying the service provider to the phone, making it possible for calls to be made after the phone connects to the network. Micro-SIM cards are used by the iPad 2 3G on AT&T, the iPad 3 model with cellular data and the 3G model of the original iPad. Wi-Fi models do not have a SIM card and the Verizon version of the iPad 2 3G also does not have the card.

Access Those SIM Cards

Apple did not want people hacking into their products; so the designers of the company made sure that the insides were not easy to access, meaning that replacing things like SIM cards has not and continues to not be an easy task. Even though the iPad looks like you have access to nothing, you can actually remove the SIM card quite easily.

Use a Paperclip

The iPad and iPhone have SIM Cards that can easily be accessed with a paper clip. Using the paper clip, you just need to push a little button on the tray that holds the SIM card. Once you push the button, the SIM card will come out on a small tray. The individual lineups of iPads, iPhones, and iPod Touch models change from the previous models, but they all seem to work in the same way.

Early Buttons and Trays

The early iPads have buttons and trays on one side of the device. The button is just to the right of a little slot that will slide open to reveal the vital brain of the device. Many people will remove their SIM cards before servicing their tablets, and they often remove the SIM cards when an excessive amount of guests show up, too. The iPad will not work properly without the SIM card; so be sure to put the card back in after you have had repairs done to your device.

Later Buttons and Trays

If you own the third or fourth generation of iPads, the SIM card slot is on the side of the device. Just like the previous models, each iPad has a tiny button for paper clips, and the tray with the SIM card pops out so you can easily switch SIM cards. If you are considering switching SIM cards, it is a good idea to also tell your customer service representative at your cell phone shop. You will hear advice regarding keeping your account with them alive.

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